Glossary of concepts about symmetry

Symmetry Mirror Escher fractals group Physics
Conservation law Einstein's special relativity antimatter CPT invariance memory Phase Transition
Geometry tessellation shape sphere equations dynamics
invariance chemistry triangle automorphism asymmetry paintings
art crystal mandala kaleidoscope rotation reflection
Simmetria Symetrie Symmetrie number aesthetics space
tutorial teaching attractors Weyl transformation translation
Golubitsky line point figures paper-folding threefold
bilateral sculpture broken architecture design golden mean
Einstein's general relativity wallpaper patterns classroom topology square symmetric icon
quilts spiral Pickover Euclid Islamic art Fibonacci
Science quantum Universe relativity Feynman Einstein
problems literature angles Jung Gardner algorithm
java nature scale Chaos Mathematics Alice
pattern parity tilings polyhedra force interaction
plane spontaneous breaking gauge electroweak force Higgs 96
97 98 99 100

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