Dynamical Systems data base

This page is about the project of creating a data base of around 50,000 planar dynamical systems of the type described by the formula:
   x = f(x,y)
   y = g(x,y)
where f and g are algebraic functions containing constants and the four operations. The data base has been used to test new visualization techniques explained in Scanning huge numbers of events. In the material connected to the article you will find a complete description of the data base with hundreds of images of dynamical systems.

The data base is created authomatically by a programm called ufattr that will create random formulas keeping only those with an attractor in the -4<x,y<4 window. This program is described in Drawing by accident.

I use this database to create interesting "fractal images" that you can find in this Gallery of fractal images .

I am also using the data base for reasearch in the dynamics of complex systems. You find here some material connected to this pursuit.

Other material describing dynamical systems and the data base is listed here.

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