Visualizing my internet neighbors

It would be nice to see your internet nighbors. Who is linking to you. What are all the sites that you link.
Some sites and programs attempt exactly to do this:for example this image was done by using TouchGraph GoogleBrowser.
Instead I do periodically this list of links from my pages to check for link rot:links not working are marked with the red rectangle.
Here you can see how my neighbors reach my pages. This is obtained by looking at server logs every week. Instead this search returns all sites with links to my pages that are classified by Google.Most of the accesses to my pages come from Google. Concerning my pages, the second search engine is Yahoo (1/10 Google), then (1/10 Google).With very few hits then came ,, altavista.
These are other experiments of "internet visualisation".
Some years ago I put a small window in my home page to try to contact people visiting my page.
Giuseppe Zito