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93 galleries in the database
3D Strange Attractors and Similar Objects by Stilton Tim    
aartika! by Oloyede Tina    
Alice Kelley Fractal Art by Kelley Alice : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
alt.fractals pictures by many authors    
Amazing Seattle Fractals! by Harrington Doug    
Anne's Fractal Menagerie by Anne : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
Artlandia Graphics Gallery by many authors : Pictures produced with software Artlandia    
Cellular Automata Gallery by Mirek Wojtowicz : Cellular Automata images produced wiyh MCell    
Chaos Gallery by many authors    
chaotic n-space network by many authors    
Chasm gallery by unknown artist : Fractal/3D-based Art    
Clifford A. Pickover's Home Page by Pickover Clifford A.    
Computer generated images archive by many authors    
Cubics by Kullberg Ingvar    
Dave's Geometric Pix Gallery by Joyce David E.    
Dave's Graphics Page by Grossman David J.    
Don Archer legendary fractal art and music and U-draw fractals by Archer Don    
Dreampaint by Antonini Laurent    
Earl's Computer Art Gallery by Hinrichs Earl L.    
Elena Fractal Gallery by Novaretti Elena    
Elizabyte : Fractal Art by Bonni Elizabeth Hall    
F r a c t a l s , C h a o s by Bourke Paul    
Flame,Fuse,etc by Draves Scott    
Fractal eXstreme: Mandel Louvre by many authors    
Fractal -brew777 by many authors    
Fractal Animations by Cooper Jock    
Fractal Desktops by Unknown : The images are 1600 x 1200 jpeg files, suitable for monitors to 21"    
Fractal Dimentia by Towsend Mark : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
Fractal Domains Gallery by De Mars Dennis C.    
Fractal Gallery by Hauner Adam    
Fractal Gallery by Keller Ken    
Fractal Galore by Mitchell Cindy : Images created using Ultrafractal 2 and Tiera Zon    
Fractal Images by Webb Sharon    
Fractal of the Day by Muth Jim    
Fractal Pages by Lee Paul N.    
Fractal Panorama by St.Clair Les : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
Fractal Pictures by Jones Damien M. : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
Fractal Top by Lystad, Garr & Linda : Home of the JavaQuat Fractal Generator    
Fractal Wonderland by Vainiala Mikko    
Fractal World Gallery by Ench Cory    
Fractals at SkyDyes by many authors    
Fractals by Jos Leys by Leys Jos    
Fractals of the Fantastic by Wassenberg Rainer : Fractals created using the Fractal Explorer    
Fractalus galleries by many authors    
Fractint Contest Images by many authors    
FrActivity by Preslar Janet    
Fractopia by Rossi Bill    
Fractory by many authors    
gallery impulse by Valero Margaret    
Gallery of Computation by Tarbell Jared    
Gallery of fractal Art by Williams Red    
Giuseppe Zito pictures by Zito Giuseppe    
Graphics Archive :Fractals by many authors    
Gumbycat's Cyberhome by Allison Linda : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
Hidden Dimension Fractals by Barnett Ron : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
Iterations et Flarium24 by Ferguson Stephen C. : Images created with Flarium24 by the author of the program    
J.P.Louvet : fractales by Louvet Jean Pierre    
Java Fractals by Henstridge James : Collection of Java applets with source code    
Jing-reed's fractal galleries by Jing-reed    
Julian's Fractal Page by Albrecht G.W.F.    
Ken Musgrave's Home Page by Musgrave Ken    
Kerry Mitchell Computer Art by Mitchell L. Kerry    
Linas Vepstas' Art Gallery by Vepstas Linas    
Mandelbrot set explorer by Prof. Robert L. Devaney : Java applet with source code    
Mathemagic Images : fractal by Wizzle by Wizzle    
Mathematical Figures Using Mathematica by Robert M. Dickau    
Mind-Boggling Fractals by Carlson Paul    
MOCA: the Museum of Computer Art by many authors    
Moeman's World by Tindell Maurice    
More Fractals by The Fractal Lady by Mitchell Cindy : Images created using Ultrafractal 2 and Tiera Zon    
Nombres et Tourbillions by Rey Luc-Andre    
Nuestro mundo fractal by Anelli Marcelo : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
Online Interactive Fractal Gallery by many authors    
Pattern,Mathematics & Games by Girvan Ray    
Paul DECelle's Ultra Fractal Pages by De Celle Paul : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
Pictures from Alien Places by Gimenez Eduardo Abel : Contains also non fractal images    
Plancton - Art of life and chaos by Annunziato Mauro    
Primordial Soup Kitchen by Griffeath David    
QMi - The fractal gallery by many authors : Images created using Ultrafractal 2.    
Rooms with a View by Wright Terry : Most of the fractals on this site were made with the Tiera-Zon and Sterling-ware generators. These programs were designed by Stephen C. Ferguson and are distributed as freeware from his web page. Post-processing of some images was done with Painter3D, Photoshop, and SuperGoo.    
SineArt Images Offering by Hershey Brian N.    
Spanky Fractal Database by many authors    
Sprott's Fractal Gallery by Sprott Julien Clinton    
Sylvie Gallet's Fractal Gallery by Gallet Sylvie : Images created using Ultrafractal 2    
Symmetric Chaos by Golubitsky Marty    
Synth Art Pages by Kritchallo Valery    
The Absentminded Artist by Cootey Douglas R.    
Ultra Fractal Gallery by Slijkerman Frederik : Images created using Ultrafractal by the author himself    
Virtual Space Time Travel Machine by Colonna Jean-Francois    
Visions of Chaos Gallery by Rampe Jason : Images created with program Visions of Chaos    
Visual Math by Coleman Michael Aaron : An Introduction to the fascinating patterns of Visual Math    
Xah Algorithmic Mathematical Art by Xah Lee    
z squared plus c by Plant Luke : Images created using Ultrafractal 2

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