Advice to a student on how to improve learning of school material

unfortunately there is no straightforward way to memorize everything.
The methods that are presented in some courses may work in special
cases, but mainly they work by treating our brain like a wastebasket...
One "secret" that I can give to you is by no means a secret...
Just think how easy is for us to learn the rules of a videogame we like,
or how easy is to learn a foreign language if you are abroad and your
teachers are people that speak that language as mother language.
So more the material you want to memorize is interesting for you and
"multimedial"(in the sense that it is processed by many different
parts of the brain) more easy is for you to remember it.
If you can transform "quantum mechanics" in a Virtual Reality fully
immersive videogame that you play with other students than you would
learn it without effort.In very few lucky cases this effective 
environment for learning can be provided by a good teacher:have you
ever wondered why Nobels always came from good schools?
Perhaps a good idea to make more interesting the material you have
to learn, could be to build an hypertext out of it. You can get 
relevant material from Internet. Of course you have to learn HTML
but this isn't a big problem.The work that you do to assemble the
material,the fact that  hypertext has a spatial structure (i.e.
you remember it like you remember a building with links like 
doors that opens to new pages) will make more easier the recollection
of the material. 

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