Movies as collective dreams
I love movies and for me, the moment when lights go off and the movie starts in the darkness, is still magic. I will put here some random reflections about this art and also some links to Internet resources.
In my opinion movies have for people the same function that dreams have for individuals. Dreams are a mean for us to adapt to changing conditions : so (some) movies will present us the new world and help us adapt to it.

Films I never get tired to see again(in no particular order)

Films every geek should see Comedy Films
I love comedy films. Actors like Charlie Chaplin are , in my opinion, among the biggest benefactors of humanity.One of the biggest emotions of moviegoing is to laugh with the rest of the audience in a movie theater packed with people.
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Buster Keaton
  • Marx Brothers
  • Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
  • Peter Seller
  • Totó
  • Roberto Benigni
  • Rowan Atkinson
Single films (not from these actors)
  • Bringing up baby

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