First programs in Javascript

Simple demos Helloworld Last modified Message on status bar Clock Slide show Slide show started by mouse
Random greeting Regexp check of e-mail address Page load time Launch a remote Open a window Framefinder
Random image arrangement Return different page to Mac/Win users Automatic refresh of a page Printing a page Debugging a script Page protection
Protect email address function call without reloading (with hidden iframe)
forms Sum Average Compute expression Quiz1 Quiz2 saving field value
menulink opens in same page link opens in different page
Navigational bars with image change and text rollovers and textarea and frames Text rollovers without images(IE4) Text rollovers without images(IE4 and NS4)
CSS Links with color change(I.E.4) Absolute positioning
AnimationImage(N4) Text(N4) Text(IE4)
More complex applications Simple database Cookie handling alert cookie expandible menu dropdown menu
IE onlyDon't touch!

INDIETRO a Materiali del corso HTML e Java

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