TourGuide Applet

Let this automated tour guide show off hot-spots on your web pages!

This was written by Marc Sacoolas of the SunSoft New Media Marketing technical staff.

To download this applet to use on YOUR page, you need the following 5 classes:.

TourGuide.class, MyCanvas.class, MyPanel.class, MyWindow.class, and gratAn.class

This helpful applet from the SunSoft New Media Marketing Group allows you to create a narrated tour of any number of destinations on the web, or on any HTTP server. Simply supply the destinations, narrations (if any), and time at each tour site.

For example:

of SunSoft Catalyst Programs.

The parameters you need to supply are as follows:

width is how long your applet will be

height is how tall your applet will be

urln is/are the URLs of your destinations

namen is/are the alternate name of your destinations that go with the corresponding tour sites.

soundn is/are the sound file you would like played for each destination.

delayn is the amount of time (in seconds) the tour will spend at each destination.

Here is the HTML stuff to put in your web page:

<applet align=middle code=TourGuide.class width=128 height=32> <param name=url1 value=> <param name=url2 value=> <param name=url3 value=> <param name=url4 value=> <param name=url5 value=> <param name=name1 value="SunMicrosystems Home Page"> <param name=name2 value="SunSoft Catalyst CDware Home Page"> <param name=name3 value="SunSoft Catalyst Interlink Home Page"> <param name=name4 value="New Media Marketing Home Page"> <param name=name5 value="SunSoft Catalyst HomePage"> <param name=delay1 value=20> <param name=delay2 value=20> <param name=delay3 value=20> <param name=delay4 value=20> <param name=delay5 value=20> <param name=sound1> <param name=sound5> </applet>