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Learning programming

Javascript hierarchy

Event handlers

Learning Javascript

Learning programming

The best way to start is to paste in your HTML (simple) programs written by other people.
This is a table pointing to programs copied from various sources in this way.

Javascript Hierarchy

Javascript organizes all elements in a web page in a hierarchy.Each element is seen as an object and has a name (either a default one or given in the HTML name tag).

The window contains frame objects. Then each frame contain a document with image,form,link objects. Form itself contains element objects.

Each object has properties and methods. You manipulate these objects in Javascript by sending commands to them with method invocation of the kind objectname.dothis();. For example document.write("This is HTML generated from Javascript");

Or by changing properties values with statements like

Event handlers

Another important feature of Javascript are event handlers.

The following events are defined:
Abort,Blur,Click,Change,DblClick,DragDrop,Error, Focus, KeyDown, KeyPress, KeyUp, Load, MouseDown, MouseMove, MouseOut, MouseOver, MouseUp, Move, Reset, Resize, Select, Submit, Unload.

Writing a Javascript program that interacts with the user means writing a set of functions and defining them as event handlers with the HTML tag onEventname = 'functionname()';

Another way to associate the function to the event is to define the property of the object associated with the event. objectname.oneventname=functionname;

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