Homage to Greenaway - 100 views on symmetry


Peter Greenaway is the well known film director of among others The Pillow Book, The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover , Drowning by Numbers.
He is obsessed by the number 100 and has done many exhibits based on this number. I have seen the one called Stairs in Geneva. This exhibit is the inspiration of this homage. In Stairs Greenaway forced the visitor to see Geneva through 100 differents points of view. Each point of view was in fact a small stair with a few steps that took to a hole in a wall where you looked to some monument or other view of Geneva. This was a fascinating device to rediscover the city looking it through Greenaway's eyes.

In this table of images I try to reconstruct such a device showing 100 slightly different dynamical systems with fourfold symmetry. Then I link each image to a search about symmetry in Google,so the table is also a device to discover other interesting views on symmetry through a search engine like Google. The numbers under each image are instead linked to single outstanding document on the subject with a few lines of comment added.Both the images and the links will change with time mirroring my increasing and changing knowledge about symmetry. A glossary of concepts about symmetry gives the list of the terms which are behind the pictures. (Note that up to now there are only very few documents attached and some of the links to Google are now not yet used and set all to "Symmetry and physics"). I hope you find the idea interesting and perhaps a source of inspiration about new ways to present collections of fractal images.

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