(Not really urgent) things to do in tracker visualisation software

  1. [March 16,2004] - (coding)In the selection windows introduce "tips" i.e. labels that will appear when you move the mouse on squares saying what layer are you selecting .
  2. [March 16,2004] - (coding)Give the user the possibility to select all tracks at once! .
  3. [March 16,2004] - (coding)Implement track deselection .
  4. [March 16,2004] - (coding)When you select a track , you get all informations about the track.
  5. [March 1,2004] - (coding)Implement track selection also in Tracker - SimTracks and RecTracks- twigs.
  6. [March 1,2004] - (design) Where should go the messages about items picked in 3D window?How can we connect our classes to the window used by the text browser of Iguana?
  7. [February 24,2004] - (design)The three branches in "Tracker Selection" twig must work independently one from the other.Now it is necessary to select the first branch in order to have "SimTracks" and "RecTracks" module selection working.
  8. [February 23,2004] - (design) Integrate our 2D windows in the MDI of Iguana. Is it enough to get the QWorkspace address and to make our windows "sons" of this widget?
  9. [February 19,2004] - (coding) Try to make our windows always visible by creating them with wstyle "StaysOnTop" or some other trick(defining the window as adialog window).
  10. [February 19,2004] - (design) Use other representations for simhits and rechits .For example a cross centered on the hit position.
  11. [February 19,2004] - (design)In order to have better control in our part (for example when a twig is deselected) define a new customTracker twig type and a new multimethod . You need to modify plugin.cc and xtype.h. See VisG4TracksTwig.cc
  12. [February 19,2004] - (design) Insert the Selection Window in the control centre .
  13. [February 19,2004] - (design) Transform the CustomTracker module in a 2D browser.See Ig3DBaseBrowser and Ig3DWindow.
  14. [February 19,2004] - (design) Create a menu for the twig. These menus appear by selecting with left mouse button an entry in scene controller window. You have to redefine VisG4TwigOps.
  15. [February 19,2004] - (design) Connect some parameters controlling visualization to ORCA in order to make their change possible at runtime by editing .orcarc.
  16. [February 19,2004] - (refactoring) Get the compilation done without warnings.
  17. [February 4,2004] - (test) Check if the program works also with test beam setup.
  18. [February 4,2004] - (coding) Implement selection of single module from popup menu.
  19. [January 26,2004] - (refactoring) CuTkBuilderInORCA : simplify by eliminating the double loop.
  20. [January 26,2004] - (coding) Implement (with popup menu) signal addition in 2D map.
  21. [January 26,2004] - (refactoring) Read from DDD or Orca information now hard coded in the code.
  22. [January 26,2004] - (design) CuTkMap2D has become too large: redo the design perhaps introducing new classes.
  23. [January 26,2004] - Introduce in the popup menu in 2D window the option to draw the pixel layers in the same scale as the strip layers in order to make possible the overlay of different layers.
  24. [January 26,2004] - Implement the petal/rod selection.
  25. [January 26,2004] - Draw rechits as strips.
  26. [January 26,2004] - Draw rechits as points with bars proportional to errors.
  27. [January 26,2004] - What must happen when you deselect one of the CustomTracker twigs?
  28. [January 26,2004] - When you display both rechits and simhits , represent in some way the fact that they overlap. For example blue=rechit+simhit.
  29. [January 26,2004] - Represent also vertices.Give the possibility to select only tracks connected to a single vertex.
  30. [January 26,2004] - Give the possibility to select an arbitrary parallelepiped in space.
  31. [January 26,2004] - Make the standalone program work again.
  32. [January 26,2004] - Change name of class Albero.
  33. [January 26,2004] - Include in 2D maps some labels indicating which layer is represented.
  34. [January 26,2004] - Implement zoom in 2D.
  35. [January 26,2004] - Give the possibility to the user to resize the the layer selection window.
  36. [January 26,2004] - Give the possibility to the user to resize the the ring/layer selection window.
  37. [January 26,2004] - Draw the small bars in the ring/layer selection window taking the data from DDD. .
green => done!