Bugs corrections and (really) urgent things to do in tracker visualisation software

  1. [February 24,2004] - Color palette in 2D map is printed too small
  2. [February 19,2004] - Implement single track selection in 3D window by creating a separate twig object for each track.The track twigs should not appear in the twig selection tree.
  3. [February 4,2004] - Because of a missing symbol in VisCustomTracker library,it is necessary to run twice iguana after a recompilation.
  4. [February 4,2004] - Implement module selection with RecTracks.
  5. [February 4,2004] - Take away the method notifyEvent(CuTkState* object, bool selected, bool doUpdate) in CuTkControl replacing its calls to calls to the same method with two parameters.
  6. [January 26,2004] - Implement popup menu in 2D window.
  7. [January 26,2004] - Implement single module pick in 3D window by creating a separate scene graph and calling the callback definition method for each module.
  8. [January 26,2004] - If you destroy the layer selection window, you cannot get it again!
  9. [January 26,2004] - Some of the modules in the layer selection window cannot be selected.
  10. [January 26,2004] - Add color palette to 2D map.
  11. [January 26,2004] - Ifndef missing in CuTkModuleMap.
  12. [January 19,2004] - Layer selection window PXE -z 1 doesn't open when clicking on corresponding green square.
  13. [January 19,2004]- SimTracks selection makes program crash if done before "TrackerSelection".
  14. [January 19,2004]- SimTracks selection makes program crash after two successful event reading.
  15. [January 19,2004]- Selected item printing disappears on some computers.
green => done!