Where are our memories stored

[Added May 1997]Where in the brain are our memories
stored? There is a neuron or group of neurons for each memory? You destroy
the neuron and that specific memory goes away? No. A specific memory is
almost everywhere in the brain, to destroy it you have to destroy almost
all of the brain. How we know? by experimenting with animals. But also
by looking at the parts of the brain activated during learning and
recollecting through imaging techniques.Many parts of the brain are involved
and what is amazing the parts involved are different for the same memory
during learning and retrieval.
So where are our memories in the brain?
Most likely the storage takes place as pattern of connections among
.In fact, almost every memory is made of many different patterns of neuronal connections, some for sounds, some for sights, some for smells or textures–tens of thousands of neurons firing off minute electric impulses simultaneously.

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