Memory and hypertext

[Updated May 1997]
The advice to a student on tricks to improve
learning of school material, is the occasion to speak on the fact that
hypertext writing will help the recollection since you are now using also
spatial memory(hypertext is like a building with hyperlinks acting as
doors to new pages).
There is a fascinating history concerning the
links between memory and the Web(i.e. internet hypertext). This is
reported from Time in an interview to Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the
Web, in the May 19,1997 issue. Tim has problems remembering people’s
names or faces, so he wrote a computer program based on hypertext to
help him remember. Later he extended his system to Internet inventing
the Web. So we may say that the Web has been created to serve as
a memory substitute for people having problems remembering!

Also Ted Nelson, who is considered the inventor of hypertext,
started to think about this new concept, out of the personal
problem of keeping track of his huge stream of ideas. This was in the
early 1960 and he has worked since then on hypertext with his famous
Xanadu project.Only Tim Berners Lee by connecting the hypertext
with Internet would make Nelson dream true. You can read about the
wonderful story of Nelson in this chapter of a book by Howard Rheingold.

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