Outline of the mini-course

Five afternoon sessions were scheduled for each group of 20 students working in pair at 10 PC stations(IBM compatible 386 or 486 microprocessor based). Each session was dedicated to a specific topic-activity.

  1. Introduction to Internet and its use to search for documents. Minimum tutor support was given and the students were invited to explore by themselves the Internet ,partecipating in a kind of treasure hunt.
  2. Systematic discussion by the tutor of the most common procedures used to search material on Internet.During this discussion the main characteristics of the network philosophy were presented including ftp and e-mail .
  3. The essential of HTML language was given with specific examples of writing documents and inserting them in WWW(publishing).
  4. Presentation by the tutor of advanced features of Internet.
  5. This was the most "challenging" session since the students were invited to create,working in small groups,various kinds of documents which were published on the Web.

The total time spent for the above activities was about 15 hours.

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