Nature fractals

Welcome to my gallery of photographs of natural objects and phenomena that show a fractal pattern.

Log surface of olive tree with crack.

Three Christmas Balls. See them at bigger resolution (2.3 MB). In fact, they are three lightbulbs.This is the easiest way to produce a fractal. Where the lightbulbs touch you have a fractal pattern since each sphere has a mirror image of the other two spheres, which contain mirror images of ...(ad infinitum).

Pattern produced on a TV screen by videofeedback.

The fractal nature of the cauliflower.

Pattern created by light on the sand of the seashore.

Clouds in the sky.

Patterns on a seashell.

A Cauliflower exhibiting equiangular spiral and fractal geometry.Another fractal cauliflower



Palm of the hand

Paint drop obtained by putting two drops of acrylic paint on a transparent sheet, then another sheet above, squeezing the paint and then pulling the two sheets apart.

Volcanic stone from mount Etna detail


Snail shell

Digital postage stamp: not really a nature fractal, but still a fascinating random pattern.

Paper sheet surface 1 and 2

L'Arve si mescola col Rodano (3)Example of fluid mixing:where the Arve river waters mix with darker Rhone river stream, L'Arve si mescola col Rodano (2), L'Arve si mescola col Rodano (1) ,MPEG movie of the same (59MB)

Fractal flower?Fractal flower?

Random Pattern miniatureRandom pattern created by sunlight reflection on the water surface from a video(8.6MB) taken on the lake of Geneva.

Cappuccino foam Pattern created by cappuccino foam

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