Steel and glass wonder gallery

Steel and glass wonder,  703K
A wonder and not a wonder,  600K Enjoy a sleep on the fractal bed!,  424K Materials for a nest,  ~700K
Bush growing in the light,  ~500K The Murano masterpiece,  189K Fractal pizza,  293K
Petrified log slice,  233K Microcosmo,  364K The gift of the gods,  284K
False Easter egg,  61K La  fontaine de la joie de vivre dans le jardin de Versailles,  668K The forming of the simple heart,  ~400K
Inner fire,  320K Hexaflower,  ~200K Pyramids disappearing in the jungle ,  788K
Butterfly?,  231K Color experiment #2,  285K The calm in the center,  410K
The map of the utopian  city,  830K Circola,  135K Object emerging from future,  119K
The ring of the seal,  472K