Quando i Neutri emergono dalla Terra

Landing on Planet X 529 K Quando i Neutri emergono dalla Terra 485 K White Sand Drawing 1862 K
Mediating the opposite 577 K Puppets dancing in a circle 2699 K Comet Catcher 712 K
m2 2722 K Glassware glowing in the dark 753 K a0 1810 K
The Magic Potion 3614 K Night Dance in the Aquarium 254 K Lo Scudo 1218 K
X-ray photograph of everyday objects 453 K From darkness to light 476 K No easy choice 1094 K
Per Aspera ad Astra  1000 K Welcome home 50 K Alien Totem 1865 K
Sem Micrograph 1273 K The critters are coming! 1993 K Glimpse into Future 3787 K
Mars Queen 382 K Four Objects 4000 K Vision in the Wall 1031 K
The Atoll 1276 K The Blueprint 1823 K 3d printing of unknown object 675 K
The Foulard 1200 K Arrival of the white spaceship 8400 K Balancing Act 3500 K
Evolution 500 K Eclipses 1000 K Landing sequence started 1650 K
Gloves 1000 K The Gate 424 K Straw Hut 1600 K