The maiolica tile gallery

The structure of the monolith #2,  280K
The structure of the monolith #3,  204K Maia,  228K Monolith 4,  110K
The shaman's cast,  128K Inside the machine,  340K Painted bamboo,  400K
The Martina window,  400K Maiolica tile,  530K Inside the shell,  198K
Magnetic attraction,  198K Flowers,  207K The Universe reflected in a golden pond,  183K
What keeps the world together,  521K Flowers in the snow,  623K Where the rainbow ends,  105K
Centauri,  137K Swarming butterflies,  280K Dawn of the new Millenium,  556K
Breaking the chains,  315K To a warm,soft,sparkling new Millenium!,  215K The dance of the planets in the sky,  255K
The inner chamber of the shell,  657K