Online educational resources for Physics teachers/
risorse per la didattica di Fisica

The tables at the beginning give quick access to some outstanding resources. Follows a list of links classified in different categories.
Outstanding resources:mostly Java applets
Geometry/Trigonometry Manipula Math Geometry explorer Geometry center Spirograph Kaleidoscope Bob's page Famous surfaces
Euclid's Elements Trigonometry : introduction Surface plotter Grid Blaster Game Escher Web Sketch
NonEuclid Trigonometric mathplets Planar Machines topology figure CabriJava Animated Mathematics
Chaos,fractals Wolfram Atlas Lorenz butterfly CAffeine Chaos Page dynamical systems org
Chaos demonstrations Life fractals in science Cellular automata Fractal Maker MJCell
Fractal Geometry Dynamical Systems Automi cellulari lineari Billiard Ball Computer Catastrophe Teacher
Vectors / Calculus Manipula Math Graphics for Complex Analysis cross product Calculus Infinite series Roots of a polynomial PDE
Interactive real analysis Vector Calculator Complex function viewer Visual Calculus Vector Arithmetic Graphics for the Calculus Classroom
Data analysis and statistics Statistics 101 The Central Limit Theorem Normal Distribution Interactive statistics Webstat Flash demos for understanding statistics
Probability by Surprise Statistics virtual lab Vlab in Prob. and Stat.,I Seeing statistics Statistics Calculators
Tools Eric Weisstein's Famous curves xFunctions xPresso Interactive math Contour plotting Algor. and Data Structures Scientific Calculators
Arndt Brünner Online Conversion Integrator Calculators online LiveGraphics3D Lisp interpreter The laws list Frink
Graph paper Math Object Server Scienceworld Webmath Wolfram functions site Writing math with wiki
Mechanics Kepler Motion Vibe oscillator simulator
Momentum game The Pendulum Lab The Friction Lab Introduction Physics simulator
Astronomy Astronomy 161: the solar system Solar System Simulator Astronomy applets sky atlas Lunar phases JOrrery Messier Catalog
Build a solar system Exploring orbits Millenium Simulation Astronomy Simulations and Animations
Sound/Waves Vibration and Waves Animations Sine waves Soundry Standing Waves MiniWaweMaker
Heat and Thermodynamics Ideal gas Kinetic Theory Pressure Chamber Boltzmann's Dream Heat equations Brownian motor
Relativity Orbits in spacetime Introduction Space-Time Lab The Light Cone
Electricity and Magnetism Exploring electric Fields Electric field Electricity and Magnetism Lissajous Lab ElectroCard Belcher MIT applets
Optics Fisica dell'occhio Thin Lens Rainbow Spirals illusion Visualizing color
Superamento preconcetti Aberrazioni Interferenza Light and Color Plane mirror Fiat Lux
Laser Adventure Ottica Geometrica Specchio Ottica fisica Spectrum tuner Color wheel
Optica Geometrica Build a rainbow Circular polarization
Atomic and Nuclear physics Microcosm Radioactive decay Ising model Nuclear data Crystal structures
Brownian Motion Crystal growth Periodic Table
Quantum mechanics Mark's Applets Quantum Physics Online Schroedinger cat Electron interference
Feynman Robb Lectures Quantenmechanik Visual Quantum Mechanics
Particle Physics Charged particle motion Accellerate a particle Proton Neutrino Particle Adventure, I Superstring Powers of ten
Scienza per tutti Hands on CERN
Engineering Hopkins Virtlab Signals Systems Control Wind tunnel Nuclear reactor Circuit simulator
Aeronautic Ed. Res. dal Silicio al Computer Animated Engines
Virtual labs Uoregon vlab Project Java Manipula Math Cut the knot Connected Curriculum project Physics in Action Walter Fendt
Fisica con ordenator Fu-Kwun Physlets,,M1 Physics-2000 Visual Physics Modules & Simulations
Phillip Dukes Project Interactivate IFMSA WebLab Kiselev Renault Molecular Expression
Physics Labs Applet Collection mathe online Galerie,M Explore Science JavaMirror Simulation Library The Physics Classroom Museum of Models
Applets at CSU Math. Ideas in Science Physics Principles with Applications Surendranath Pelletier
Daniel Roth Mathematikos Article19 My Physics lab engApplets
ASPIRE MSTE J.J. Rousseau Fowler Steffen Weber Giesen Living Math
ThinkQuest Interactive math Quia Paul Falstad HowStuffWorks NoriMari SVG math and geometry
Jones and Childers Kennesaw Math Applets Explore Math Cabri applets Flash animations at utoronto eduMEDIA demos
Contextual Physics La Nuova Fisica: Meccanica Simulations PhET Classical Physics Online
Trailblazer pages Tutorials & Educational Resources Math Archives Open Course Science Gems MIT Open CourseWare Stanley Durkin fun stuff emiliapausan
Leonardo Calculators Online Multimedia Physik Chaos hypertextbook Fisica 2005 MERLOT Interactive Physics
Virtual Demonstrations Siti Cabri Geometre Scirus Mathtools Cont. College Phys. Simulation Library
I - Italian version
M - Mirror site
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Outstanding resources:other documents
Multimedia books Particle Adventure, I AIP History of Physics MacTutor Theoretical Physics Fun Karl Calculus Tutor Scienza per tutti Nobel e-Museum MicroWorlds Mega-Mathematics
Science Ed. Gateway Black holes Beginners Guide to HEP Amazing Space Solitons Hawking's Universe L'explosion des math�matiques The elegant universe
Physics Virtual Bookshelf Britney's guide to semiconductors HyperPhysics IPPEX Interactive Physics Fizzics Fizzle! Geometry in Art & Architecture
Interactive applications Interactive Geometry Earth view
Animations Space Time Travel Gallery of Mathematics quantum mechanics Mathematics Animated Berkeley Mathematics Demos Fear of Physics Chemistry
Chaos,fractals and dynamics Strange Attractor Search Turbulent landscapes Mathematical Figures
Questions and Answers Sci FAQs Physics FAQ Ulisse
Reference Physics and Astronomy Reference WebElements Standard Model PDG The Why Files Bad Science MathLand
Books onlineA new kind of scienceOnline Books Page National Academy Press The Assayer Introduction to probability
The library Scientific American Am.Jou. of Physics Am. Scientist Computers in Physics AIP Physics news
Cern Courier IOP Electronics Journals Nature New Scientist La Recherche
Galileo Tech. Review Discovery online Chemistry Classic Papers
Trailblazer pages PhysNet Yahoo Math Archives NetScout
BUBL: Phys. education Internet scuola Pilot to Physics
MAD Scientist WWW als Lernhilfe Science Gems
I - Italian version
How these tables are built.

List of resources

Meaning of the colour assigned to each link

. Original material.

. Magazines,TV channels,e-zines about Science. Contain some interesting material.

. Didactic material publishers. These sell mostly software packages useful for didactic purposes. They have also a lot of material available for free.

. Other directories of resources.

. Newsgroups and mailing lists.

. Web use for Education(research and examples). This material is mostly uncorrelated with Physics but gives some idea on how to use the Web for education.

. AIP: the American Institute of Physics produces the Physics Academic Software Explore the science of physics with interactive educational software.

. Cabri Geometre: commercial software for interactive geometry.Resources directory provided from Math Forum

. Chamber Works Software to teach particle physics in introductory classes.

- Colos ProjectA group of Eureopean universities exploits the didactical potential of XWindows workstations in Science teaching.

- Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) Magazine

- Contemporary Physics Education Projects(CPEP)

- Dynamical Systems and Technology Project

- The Epistemology and Learning Group of the MIT Media Lab

- The Geometry Center at University of Minnesota Applicazioni interattive,software,etc

* ICPE Books Connecting Research in Physics Education with Teacher Education
This book was undertaken on behalf of the International Commission on Physics Education (ICPE) of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) - with support from UNESCO - to make available the results of research in physics education world-wide to physics educators working with pre- or in-service physics teachers.

- Inet96 Proceedings: papers on Internet use in classroom

- K12 newsgroups. Check especially "" and "ed.math"

* K12(kindergarten to high-school)resources index

* Learning Objects : Google search for this interesting idea

. Mathworks ("Matlab") home page

. Mathsoft ("Mathcad") home page

- Usenet physics newsgroups

* Science :Museums and Exhibits

- ThinkQuest organizza una gara tra studenti di scuole medie americane.

- Unita' di ricerca di didattica della fisica Physics Dept. Udine University(Italy)

. WebCT is a provider of e-learning solutions to higher education.

. Wolfram Research ("Mathematica") home page

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