Let your left hand recall

[Added April 2002]
With people that have no connection between the left and right brain hemisphere,
it is possible to do some startling experiment. You can show an object only
to the right hemisphere and see that the person is unable to name the object.
What does all this mean especially regarding memory? That we have in fact
two brains and each brain processes information in its way and has its
special way to store this information. So, an object , for the left hemisphere
is a word and for the right hemisphere is a shape. If they cannot comunicate,
the left hemisphere will be unable to give a name to some object that we know
very well. It is possible that also in normal persons, a reduced communication
between the hemispheres can be the origin of memory failings?
We know for certain, that in most people the left hemisphere is connected
to language and normally acts as the boss: i.e. if there are contrasts
between the two hemispheres, the left wins. This is understandable, otherwise
we will be all like Dr. Jeckyl and Mister Hide. But it is possible in some cases when,
we have problems with memory, to improve recall trying to use explicitily
the right hemisphere memory store? I am not an expert, so this experiment
that I have tried, has no scientific basis, but anyhow…
So, taking in account that my left hand is controlled by the right hemisphere
, when I have a problem recalling something, I will ask my left hand to describe it. What happens is that my left hand will make some sign in space
or against my body and I will try to use this sign to recall what I have
forgotten. Does it work? Yes, but I am not sure how it works.
Perhaps, it only works because it breaks some thought patterns that were
taking me nowhere. Perhaps some scientist should do some serious research in this field.