Memory and depression 2

[Added February 2000]

There are some interesting news about this subject.Memory loss in senior
citizens seems to be correlated with depression. This means that if you cure depression, you cure also the memory problems.But I would consider here also the
other possibility:a cure of the memory problems, can cure the depression.
Let’s say it in another way:all of us have recollections of wonderful moments
in our life. Normally we have access to these memories,but depressed people, seem to have lost the capacity to access them.When we are depressed, we tend to see only the bad things about ourselves and the world. We may condemn ourselves unfairly
for relatively unimportant human failings. We tend to withdraw into ourselves and may not notice what is going on around us. So,
we may not remember things because we didn’t notice them in the first place.

People who are depressed may also become agitated and this will make it hard to concentrate.

Now, new discoveries shows that the brain continually reorganizes itself. It’s called “neuroplasticity.” And it means that you create your brain from the input you get .So it’s possible that through special
brain exsercises, you can cure depression.What kind of exercises?
These exercises should produce a rewiring of the brain,
so they must be like the exercise you do when you learn playing a new musical
instrument, a constant training. So, I suppose, that the computer should be
essential to administer these exercises.

Memory and depression

[Added July 1996]
By using brain imaging techniques,memory shows up as the capability of firing
groups of neurons in different parts of the brain.

The same techniques show on the other hand, that the depressed has a
marked incapacity to fire neurons in some parts of the brain.
Can depression be cured by mnemonic tricks?