Using inner dialog to improve memory and learning

[Added September 1998]
It is obvious that ,if you speak about a subject you are learning with someone
, this will improve the learning and memory about the subject.
But, not always is another person available to help us. Fortunately
there is another kind of dialog that goes on almost all the time in our mind.
This is the inner dialog. When we are worried about something,for example,
we’ll go through the problem again and again speaking in our head with
a lot of imaginary persons. We can improve our learning and memory by
using consciously this inner dialog to rehearse. For example, we can
imagine speaking with the author of the material if this is on a book.
Or we can imagine giving a conference about
a subject. Or sending a mail.In my experience, I have found that when
I am preparing a seminar (I teach Web related technologies), I learn a lot of things just by rehearsing the seminar again and again.
This learning comes almost without effort because I am worried about
the seminar and so I will think again and again about it. In fact,the
problem is now quite the contrary, I would sometime like to forget about it
to relax.

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