Unconscious memory

[Added August 2005]
It is by now a well known phenomenon that the same information inaccessible to
explicit (conscious) memory, may be accessible to implicit (unconscious) memory.
You can literally see something without knowing that you are seeing it.
This has some fascinating consequences. For example, I use a list of images
connected to the numbers 1,2,3,… to remember things. So, for each number
I remember an image. But remembering (becoming conscient of ) the image
usually requires some time (from a few seconds to a few minutes). It is
very well possible that during this interval of time my implicit memory has
already recollected the image. By using some adequate strategy, I can try
to use this implicit knowledge to improve my conscious recollection.
This tacit knowledge is connected to the amygdala and to the fast system
that helps us react quickly to dangerous situations. It perceives words and
numbers as global patterns and its main purpose is to decide if they
are dangerous or neutral.

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