The Mind of a Mnemonist

[Added July 1996]
One of the most fascinating stories about memory can be found in this book
written by Luria about the case of “S”.
Luria explains in the introduction how ‘S’ was sent to him because of
his amazing ability to recall things from the past.
‘S’ himself wasn’t aware of any peculiarities in himself and couldn’t
conceive of the idea that his memory differed in some way from other
peoples.Luria gave him words,letters and numbers to remember,sometimes
as many as 70,this was no problem for ‘S’ to recall.He could even
recall the lists in reverse order.When asked to recall the lists 16
years later there was still no hesitation from ‘S’.

Luria studied this subject for many years and found that he had problems
forgetting the material, not remembering it as happens for almost anyone.

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