Click to remember forever

[Added February 2012]
Medial surface of cerebral cortex - entorhinal cortex
It is possible that we can have in future a gadget that, just by clicking on it, can
make the recollection of what we are looking at, permanent.

Possibly, but you have to implant a wire in the enthorinal cortex of your brain. The click will just send a small electric charge in a group of neurons that seems to be connected to spatial memory consolidation.

In fact a new study on a small group
of people suggests that deep brain stimulation in this zone enhances spatial memory. The deep brain stimulation is already used in all cases when we want
to influence some behaviour that depends only on the neurons in a small brain region. For example tremor in Parkinson Disease.

The only problem is that
you have to find exactly where these neurons are for each patient. For the experiment about memory, there was a similar problem but this time connected with finding the part of brain tissue connected to epilepsy. The procedure needed a long time allowing the memory test to be done. What is interesting, is that
the stimulation of hippocampus didn’t produce any improvement!

Of course , given the fact that we have many types of memory (in this case
only memory in a spatial task was tested) it is unlikely that stimulating
a single zone would suffice!

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