Apulia,the heel of Italy's boot, is the country's flattest region. Apulia is also a region among the most varied in Italy. It is very,very long(400 Km) with 700 Km of coasts. My personal list of the top ten touristic attractions in Apulia, is :
  1. A beach among the dozen available
  2. Castel del Monte
  3. Any of the Romanesque cathedrals around Bari
  4. Castellana Caves
  5. Umbra Forest and Gargano
  6. Taranto archeological museum
  7. Lecce baroque buildings
  8. Alberobello and the Trulli. Alberobello is with Castel del Monte one of the two places in Apulia recognized by Unesco as being of exceptional value.
  9. Any of the small towns in the peninsula south of Bari(for example: Locorotondo,Ostuni,Otranto,Martina,Grottaglie,Manduria,Gallipoli,...)
  10. Bari with its old city.
An outsider is Matera with its Sassi. Matera although not in Apulia is just on the regional border with Basilicata.

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